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If you want your students to literally stand out in a crowd we can definitely help you.

Logoed school clothing creates a feeling of inclusiveness and belonging, and nothing demonstrates this better than Leavers hoodies.  We offer a wide range of hoodies, sweatshirts, polo t-shirts and jackets which are suitable to have your year group printed on the back and school crest on the front.  

We can also cater for school trips to ensure all travelling students appear to be representing their school without the formality of uniform.  We can also supply garments for school productions and clubs etc.

Here are some samples:

UC502 - Hoodie UC502 - Hoodie Bottle Green UC502 - Hoodie Red
UC103 Polo UC103 - Polo Navy UC103 - Polo Yellow
UC101 - Polo UC101 - Polo Charcoal UC101 - Polo French Navy
JH001 - Hoodie JH001 - Hoodie Jade JH001 - Hoodie
JH003 - Hoodie (with contrast colour) JH003 - Hoodie (with contrast colour) JH003 - Hoodie (with contrast colour)

As requirements are many and varied please call 01621 786686 to discuss your requirements, and we can quote accordingly.

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